A new era in engineering

With our strong background in engineering and software development we are able to develop smart solutions in the engineering industry. By means of this powerful combination we can provide you with an engineering application which makes your engineering process flawless and incredibly fast. This application can incorporate industry standard software packages e.g. finite elements analyses and dynamic simulations. As an additional service, we provide engineering assistance.

Engineering Automation

A helping hand in engineering processes
All engineering and design data is stored and accessed via the VIKTOR platform. Everyone therefore works integrally and with the same starting points. Interfaces are regulated by this and multidisciplinary relationships are immediately included in changes.

Adapted to your process
The interfaces and functions of VIKTOR have always been developed especially for and in close cooperation with our customers. By mapping your process together, we can ensure smooth communication between your software and employees. This way VIKTOR has a custom fit that matches your engineering process.

Automate the boring engineer the awesome!
By automating the design and engineering process, manual interim steps are eliminated. That means that iterations can be done quickly and easily. When basic assumptions or insights change, the entire cycle can be automatically run through again.


MOCS provides high-quality engineering services to the maritime, offshore and civil industry. The services are performed at our office or on location. The multi-disciplinary expertise is applied to the analyses of steel, fibre-reinforced, concrete and hybrid structures. We are focused on delivering high quality and smart solutions, from conceptual design to practical solutions in terms of production.

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