Wilhelminakanaal Settlement Analysis

For the redesign of a lock every design has to be reviewed in terms of settlement. The settlement is calculated based on soil structure which is interpreted from a ground measurement.
MOCS developed software that automated the processing of such measurements. This allowed
each generated design to quickly be reviewed in terms of its consequences. The steps taken in this
automation process are:
• Interpret raw measurement data, from a number of varying suppliers
• Output an overview containing the soil structure information. This was developed into a standalone tool for this client in parallel
• From the soil structure information, generate an input file for D-Settlement
• From the soil structure information, calculate shrinking and oxidation
• Combine settlement, shrinking and oxidation to compute total settlement, and determine damage category, and ultimately get an overview of the additional cost of a design

The output was presented in a format that could be loaded into charting software, creating a
result that is very easy to interpret. A total of 534 locations were processed, with 50 di
scenarios for each, resulting in a total of 26700 calculations, which would have taken several
months to process by hand. With the automation script, it took 5 hours.

Kristian SchmidtWilhelminakanaal Settlement Analysis