We define design processes in software and combine this with big-data and machine learning. This results in design processes that deliver faultless designs in a fraction of the time and cost.

The ideal design

Use powerful algorithms that automatically perform thousands of iterations. This ensures that the optimum design is realized quickly and efficiently.

Super fast

Our application integrates with almost all design and calculation software such as CAD, FEM and Excel. Repetitive tasks are automated which makes the design process is much faster.

Quick ROI

By using the VIKTOR platform that has a rich library of functionalities, we are able to earn back the investment in one project.

Expertise during the engineering process

With our experience and knowledge from tender to management, we are able to assist in every phase of a project. Through our engineering experience we can determine how your process can be automated.


An offer is made within a limited budget and time so that the depth of analysis remains limited and the risks increase. By investing in engineering automation, access to detail analysis is provided and within a short time a sharp offer with low risk can be established.


During the preliminary design phase, design decisions are made that have a major impact on the rest of the design process. With the help of engineering automation, different variants can be calculated quickly, so that the right conceptual decisions can be taken. In addition, sensitivity analyzes are much simpler to perform with an automated process, with which the robustness of a design can be tested.


In the DO phase, most of the design work takes place, involving a lot of work in performing calculations, building models and making reports. Engineering automation ensures that these tasks can be performed many times faster. This can save on lead time and engineering budget. In addition, it gives the opportunity to further optimize a design and to deal more flexibly with changes.


When 2D and 3D models are built parametrically, they can be generated automatically based on input parameters. As a result, the design design phase can be drastically reduced in lead time.


During the execution of the project, the greatest costs are incurred and possible challenges are visible. By registering the implementation, data is collected that can be reused in the tender phase and can be adjusted when designs need to be revised. Due to the automation, the turnaround time for a new analysis is limited. This makes it easier to carry out design changes.


During the use and management of structures, maintenance and checking analysis are performed. These are repetitive repetitions that are performed on an existing object. This is perfect for automation and data driven work. The data collected in this phase is of great importance when going through the previous phases.

Our engineering automation solution integrates with all major software packages.

Design software

Calculation software

Other software

Frequently Asked Questions

Our projects are so different in design, is engineering automation suitable for this?

VIKTOR has been specially developed for customized solutions. A unique design is also the result of a process in which different steps or calculations can be standardized to a large extent. It is a trade-off between flexibility and standardization that every company already makes. We also make this assessment when we set up an application. What steps can you take in a standard method, so that the end result is much better and faster? This way we find a unique solution every time.

We already use Dynamo, Grasshopper or something similar. Is your offering useful for me?

We offer a web-based application in which various software packages are easily integrated, including software packages such as Dynamo and Grasshopper. Because our offering is a web-based application, existing developments are integrated in no time and made available online for other users. In this way, our offering is able to optimize processes much faster, efficiently and flexibly.

Is your offering a blackbox in which you do not know exactly what the system does?

Our engineering automation offering gives experts the opportunity to gain insight into results such as links, sensitivities, relationships and dependencies. In this way, the process is completely transparent and verifiable and you can increase the reliability and quality of your outcome. As a designer or engineer you have full influence on a better end product in a shorter time.

We already have BIM, what do you add?

BIM is an information model with data but does not generate calculations or designs. BIM can be an excellent part of the process that we automate with software, for example as a start and end point for design data.

Which programs can be linked?

All calculation and drawing programs can be integrated into the engineering automation service. The most common engineering software packages have already been integrated several times.


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